Enter a forest, fight monsters, open chests, beat the boss. Manipulate probability to achieve those goals.

Click on the arrows on the right side to increase or decrease individual values. Almost every action, as well as opponent action will use the next value in the list, so change the odds to make what you want to happen.

Chests can give you a longer list of numbers to play with, heal, or change the values of all the numbers in the list.

Enemies give exp. Get enough and level up for more Hitpoints, Mana as well as a damage boost. 

Plan ahead. When a combat is over the next number is used to determine what the next encounter is. 

Eventually go find the boss and beat him to win. Keep watch over his actions though, he is more tricky than a normal enemy.

Thanks for playing.


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This was a fun game to play, it took me a little while to understand what was going on but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun to play. I like how you can control your probability and strategically use it.

Oh how I hate it if you have a 95 % probability, critically fail and doom your mission. So it was great to have power over the rolls for a change. I needed a while to figure out how it works exactly. After that I was surprised by how many strategic options you actually have. Well done!

What I found missing is a display for your current shield. I don't know if this is intended but the shield seems to be effective until you cast a new one.

Thanks for the feedback. I honestly forgot about the defend button near the end I think. I agree that some kind of indication of your current shield amount would have been a good addition.

This was fun! Once I got the main mechanic it was really cool to use probability as the choice. Great idea!